Dr. Maxie Dunnam became the fifth president of Asbury Theological Seminary in 1994, after serving 12 fruitful years as senior minister of 6000-member Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. He came to Christ Church from serving as world editor of The Upper Room. During his tenure at The Upper Room, The Walk to Emmaus and the Academy of Spiritual Foundation were begun.

His tenure at Christ Church was marked by a commitment to evangelism, inner-city ministries, housing for the working poor, outreach to the recovering community, and innovative worship. His provocative one-minute radio and television message titled PERCEPTIONS is being replicated all over the nation.

During 10 years as president of Asbury Seminary, the school pioneered the use of technology, establishing a virtual campus. Also a second geographical campus was established in Orlando, Florida. After serving 10 years as president, Dr. Dunnam was chancellor for four years.

His extensive pastoral experience includes church planting, rural churches, and suburban regional congregations in Mississippi, Georgia, California and Tennessee. His influence is international in scope. He has served as president of the World Methodist Council and is currently on the executive committee of the Council. He is a member of the University Senate of the United Methodist Church. He is recognized throughout Methodism for his commitment to evangelism, social witness, and renewal.

In 1989 he was inducted into the Foundation for Evangelism’s Hall of Fame. In 1992, he was awarded the Chair of Distinction by the World Methodist Council, and the following year received the Philip Award for Distinguished Service in Evangelism.

Dr. Dunnam has authored more than 30 books, including The Workbook of Living Prayer (sold more than one million copies). Alive in Christ, This is Christianity and two volumes in The Communicator’s Commentary series, Abiding in Christ…The Way of Living Prayer. His latest book is The Intercessory Life.

Dr. Dunnam is presently serving as Minister-at-Large at Christ Church.

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